Ski Touring

Our love for the mountains, mountaineering, and skiing has been the driving force to explore new routes and live through new experiences. Ski touring is the optimum combination for exploring the mountains, not just a sport or a simple way out for us. It is a powerful and “noble” passion that has become a way of life. Ski touring has been the motive behind our most joyful journeys and the stimulus that has helped us conquere our biggest challenges.

It is our wish to share our passion by guiding you through Greece’s hidden winter routes. Through alpine ascents and ski descents under Greece’s blue skies and seas, through hikes in green forests and accomodation in hospitable villages, we invite you to take in all that our beautidul country has to offer.


Greece: An Unparalleled Ski-Touring Destination


Greece is celebrated as the birthplace of western civilization, democracy, fine arts, philosophy and sciences. A place of infinite sunshine and pristine seas, renowned across the globe as a major summer destination.

Greece’s boundless beauty, though, hides a well-kept secret for all the outdoor travel, adventure, and skiing enthusiasts. Having more than 40 mountain ranges extending above 2,000 meters, hundreds of imposing summits and ridges, and with a snowcover lasting more than four months, Greece is a ski-touring paradise yet to be discovered.

Here, we introduce you to Greece’s most significant ski-touring destinations.

Mt. Olympus- Ski Touring Trip


North Giants- Ski Touring Trip


Pindus Mountain Range Highlights- Ski Touring Trip


Mountains of Central Greece - Ski Touring Trip