Event Management

A multi-faceted and experienced company in the athletics, leisure and tourism fields, WAYOUT Adventures and its extended network of qualified business partners organize and implement special events on behalf of various organizations, in the respective fields.  Following are the services that we provide our esteemed customers with:

Pre Event Consultations

We work close with our customers to help them visualize, outline and effectively articulate their event’s scope.

Budgeting & Site Selection

We undertake the complete budgeting of our customers’ events, always bearing in mind quality and efficient use of available capital. Furthermore, we research on existing locations and venues to suggest the “best fit” according to your events’ requirements.


We collaborate with our experienced partners to design smart event logos, banners and artwork used for promotional and on-site purposes. In addition, we design, print and distribute events’ posters, flyers and personal invitations.

Transportation & Accomodation

We provide transportation services to and from the event for guests, VIPs and event officers. Moreover, we present with and organize accommodations for all interested parties, covering several locations in Greece.

Theme Development

We then develop the event’s theme guided by our customers’ interests, needs and values.

Event-Staff Management

We carefully select and employ the right people to staff our customers’ events through an extensive network of skilled professionals.

Online Marketing & RSVP

We make sure that events reach the attended audience utilizing all marketing channels (social media, radio, TV) and tools (bulk & personal e-mails, direct calls, google adwords) available. Finally, our guests can access and monitor their event’s guest list at any time, via online guest registration tools on hand.

Exclusive Consulting

Seeking and obtaining consultation from external sources are integral parts of the learning curve for all contemporary organizations that aspire to remain competitive, innovative and attractive to their various stakeholders.

WAYOUT ADVENTURES and its broad network of business associates comprise a credible and dynamic source of consulting services for firms performing in the athletics, tourism and leisure industries.