Sea Schinousa Outdoor Holidays

Schinousa Outdoor Holidays 01 JUN - 15 SEPT 07.00 SCHINOUSA

WAYOUT Adventures four-day holidays program is an ideal opportunity for a summer escape into small Cyclades colors, flavors and scenic landscapes.

The program is designed for those of you wishing to explore this gorgeous location in an alternative way, full of marvelous activities into the Greek blue of the Cyclades.


Guided sea-tours and other activities such as sea kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding (SUP), hiking, and rock-climbing have been put together by our experienced team, in order to provide you with a fulfilling experience of adventure, exploration, as well as relaxation.

*Prior experience in any of the activities offered is not a prerequisite for your participation to our program.

  •  Destination

A few words about the Cycladic sanctuary…

The small Cyclades complex of islands are of rare charm and are frequently referred to as the gems of the Aegean sea.

More inclusively, Schinousa is conveniently located at the heart of the complex surrounded by islands such as Naxos, Koufonisia, Keros, and Iraklia which protect the petite island from the Meltemi winds of the Agean Sea, making it the perfect ground for our outdoor adventures.

There are just a few motor - vehicles on the island as they are basically of no necessity. All distances are short and trails are of such allure that you just do not want to stop hiking. Stone alleys, white houses and of course the Aegean sea make up a canvas of unique grace.

Furthermore, at the end of a day full of hiking its unique terroir, paddling the pristine waters, and exploring the remote corners, the island traditional cuisine definitely rewards you, offering dishes such as the renowned fava and other local specialties.

Finally, regular ship schedules to and from the island make it easy to access for those who wish to just make a short visit out of Schinousa, or experience it as the end destination of their summer vacations and dive into the island tradition, serenity, and exquisite natural beauty.


  • Accommodation

There are two - and three - bed rooms available for your stay located at the village of Schinousa Island, within a ten minute walk from the starting point of our daily activities.


  • Activities   


Sea Kayaking

The experience of a sea kayak tour is truly unique and it does not demand for any prior experience. During a short preliminary course you will be introduced with the kayak and necessary gear, paddling techniques and safety procedures, at the end of which you will be ready to start cruising. Our mission is to explore the island’s coastline and truly enjoy its remote beaches.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

All the way from cruising the quite waters of a protected gulf to the challenging crossing of rough waters and surfing of big waves, SUP uniquely combines athleticism and leisure. That is the reason why its popularity among water sports enthusiasts is rising at such a fast pace around the world. Easy and fun at its first steps but at the same time of infinite challenge and growth potential, SUP promises to blow your mind from the very beginning.



Right on the island Tsigouri beach and only a few yards from the seafront rises Schinousa spectacular rock - climbing site with 27 routes, of all difficulty levels. There you will have the opportunity to become familiar with this exciting sport and practice its techniques, with the notion of education and safety being central to the whole experience.


Sea Tours (Day Cruises)

Embark on an amazing tour around the coastal area of small Cyclades with Captain Manolis and his boat “Eolia”. This one day cruise is a perfect opportunity for some leisure time and lots and lots of pictures!

  • Day 1

06.30 a.m. We will be gathering in front of the “Blue Star Ferries” kiosk on the E7 dock of Piraeus port, where you will be receiving your tickets and board the Blue Star Naxos ferry.

01.10 p.m. We will be arriving at the port of Schinousa, where you will be picked-up and transferred to your rooms.

05.30 to 07.30 p.m. Introductory course on sea kayaking techniques will be offered at the WAYOUT Adventures’ base on Tsigouri beach.


  • Day 2

09.00 a.m. We will be meeting at the traditional Greek café “Chara”.

09.30 a.m. We will departing for Tsigouri beach.

The day tour includes a sea-kayaking expedition at the West and North-West part of the island (Sifouneikos haven, Gerolimniona), trekking route (Fikio beach, Psili Ammos), and leisure time (some coffee and Turkish-delights) at the Messaria settlement.

06.30 p.m. We will be returning to the Schinousa village – Free evening


  • Day 3

09.00 a.m. We will be meeting at the traditional Greek café “Chara”.

10.00 a.m. We will be boarding the “Eolia” speedboat for our one-day tour to Iraklia and Koufonisia

06.30 p.m. We will be returning to the Schinousa village – Free evening 


  • Day 4

09.00 a.m. We will be meeting at the traditional Greek café “Chara”.

09.30 a.m. We will be departing for Tsigouri beach where sea-kayaking expedition to the deserted island of Feidous.

03.00 p.m. We will be returning to Tsigouri beach for some leisure time at the beach bar

05.00 p.m. We will be visiting the rock-climbing site of Schinousa for an introduction to climbing techniques.

08.30 p.m. We will be meeting at the island’s port in order to board The Blue Star Naxos ferry.


*The daily program is subject to weather conditions and can be modified if the tour-guide holds that is necessary.

**The daily program includes stops for swimming, snorkeling, water solo bouldering, snacks (local fruits and specialties), and finally meals at local taverns that we pick together.

 ***The program can be altered depending on the clients' preferances for groups more than 4 participants

  •  All water and ground local transportations
  •  Accommodations and breakfast on the island of Schinousa
  •  Insurance coverage
  •  Participation to all of the activities offered
  •  Full Sea - Kayaking and SUP gear (vessels, paddles, life-jackets, spraydecks, anoraks)
  •  Extra gear (waterproof satchels, pumps and paddle-float) 
  •  Snorkeling gear (masks,respirators, and flippers)
  •  Trained and certified tour-guides
  • Basic training on sea-kayaking and SUP
  • Introductory training on rock-climbing
  • Expeditions and guided tours
  • Daily snacks include local fruits and traditional specialties, which are offered during the activities


Price DOES NOT include any lunch or dinner


  • Swimming suit, Beach Towel, Sandals, Flip Flops
  • Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
  • Trekking shoes or snickers, 20 to 30 litter backpack
  • Warm Clothes for the night breeze


In case of interest, we kindly ask you to contact us via e-mail at in order to organize the ideal program for you, based on your needs and preferences.