We organize unique leisure experiences with the element of adventure embedded into their very core, at welcoming destinations of rich cultural, historical, and natural heritage and beauty.

With a focus in local outdoor and cultural activities, we come closer to nature, explore new destinations, savor area specialties, build life experiences and create cherished memories.

Our bases


Limeni of Laconia / Peloponnese

Limeni Lakonias, in the Peloponnese, looks like it came out of a fairy tale. It is a picturesque village in the heart of Mani, where the quiet waters meet the imposing, steep rocks. Marine kayaks, upright rowing boats, sea bikes, windsurf boards and sailing boats are at your disposal offering moments of relaxation, sports and entertainment.


  •  Water sports and rentals
  •  Organized excursions with sea kayaks
  •  Boat cruises 
  •  Diving center




Schinoussa / Cyclades

Beautiful Schinoussa is a jewel in crystal clear waters. Its bays with deserted beaches and enchanting landscapes, combined with good friends and the ever favorite activity of marine kayak, make up a unique setting for sports enthusiasts combined with relaxing and refreshing holidays.


  •  Multi-day travel packages
  •  Sea kayak excursions
  • Daily trips
  • Climbing



Sea Kayak Tours

Touring Greece’s pristine waters on a sea kayak is an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

With the direction of WAYOUT’s knowledgeable guides, our guests experience the Greek blue by paddling out to stunning, picturesque landscapes only to discover the many “treasures” hidden in our country’s extensive coastline.  Sea kayak tours are a mix of athleticism and leisure and they form the best way for our guests to enjoy the water element.    


Outdoor Holidays

Multiday adventure holidays combine various activities, such as sea kayak, hiking, rock-climbing, snorkeling and many more; tailored to our guests’ preferences they form the ideal choice for all ages and experience levels.

Travelers have the opportunity to benefit from a range of stimulating activities, engage with the elements of nature, revitalize and in due course make great memories.


Travel Abroad

We explore the world by traveling to remote destinations, diving into new adventures and satisfying our innate need for discovery.

Our expeditions’ framework includes athletic activities, tours to renowned landmarks and of course leisure time and relaxation.