Mountain North Giants- Ski Touring Trip

North Giants- Ski Touring Trip 01 JAN - 30 APR GRAMMOS & SMOLIKAS

Ski Safari on the highest peaks of Greece

WAYOUT Adventures, whose members are enthusiasts of the Greek mountains and skiing, is organizing for yet another year Ski touring - Splitboarding trips on the famous peaks of Grammos and Smolikas. Follow us for a unique experience of mountaineering and downhill skiing in wonderful mountain slopes.

Trip Duration:  5 Days

Activity:  Ski touring

Difficulty Rate:  Easy / Intermediate  

Period: March – April

Two of the country’s tallest and most beautiful mountains overtop the northern part of Greece. Grammos (2,521m) and Smolikas (2,631m), the smaller brothers of Olympus. Far from the urban centers and hidden well in dense forests and pristine wild landscapes, they are rightfully occupying a place in the best mountain skiing destinations in the country offering downhill runs that exceed 1,500 meters of altitude.

Both of these mountains are considered to be of the highest ecological importance and, due to the limited human intervention, are one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Greece.

 Mountaineering skiing / splitboard. The ultimate escape means

As a way of escaping from large urban centers, and not just during the winter season, mountaineering skiing with appropriate knowledge and familiarization with the winter environment may be carried out in areas with sufficient snow cover and for periods much longer than those of the organized skiing centers. It is an activity more complete than a day of skiing in a ski resort without waiting in the lane queues. Ski mountaineering may also be done through crossing (from a specific point - ie a mountainous village - to another), or through ascending and coming downhill.

The price includes:

  • Trip Organization & implementation by WayOut Adventures.
  • All necessary travels from Athens.
  • Overnight stay in traditional hostels and mountain shelters
  • Greek Mountain Guiding
  • Meals and drinks ARE NOT included in the price


Activities include: 

  • Insurance coverage (upon request) 
  • Equipment:  mountaineering ski, boots, batons, skins, ARVA, (upon request with an additional fee)

Equipment needed:

- Helmet with straps & ski mask

- Touring skis with runaway Straps or ski brakes, ski touring boots, ski poles, climbing skins (or splitboard equipment)

- Mountaineering backpack 45-50L

- Mountaineering Ice Axe, Crampons & Harness

- Climbing materials, carabiners, quickdraws, belay device, descender etc.

- Avalanche rescue package (Transceiver, Probe, Shovel)

- Headlamp, sunglasses, GPS, lighter, pocket multitool

- Personal pharmacy kit & sunblock for face and lips

- Waterproof Gloves, Beany, Buff,  Socks (2 pairs)

- Thermal underwear base layer (2 pairs)

- Soft Shell Jacket or similar (2nd layer)

- Waterproof and breathable mountaineering jacket and pants (3rd layer)

- Hydration equipment + energy snacks

- Sleeping bag (optional)

- Repair Kit, Extra batteries + Personal belongings


Downhill rank: Red track / continuous and controlled turns / Parallel ski shoes.

Previous experience in mountaineering or splitboard activity is required. 

Minimum number of entries: 5 people