Mountain Mt. Olympus- Ski Touring Trip

Mt. Olympus- Ski Touring Trip 01 JAN - 30 APR MT. OLYMPUS

In the finest of the moments. May the Gods Ski with You.

Dedicated to presenting adventure enthusiasts with unique touring experiences of the Greek outdoors, WAYOUT Adventures designed 5day ski touring trips on the mythical mountain of Olympus, coursing from January through April. Participants will get to explore this awesome mountain ski touring and splitboarding its breathtaking slopes. 

Trip duration:  5 Days

Activities:  Ski touring / Splitboarding

Difficutly:  Moderate / Hard

Period: January – April

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The Adobe of Skiing in Greece

Renowned as the Adobe of the Twelve Ancient Greek Gods from its global mythological status, Mount Olympus has transformed into the Adobe of mountain (back country and touring) skiing of Greece during the last years. The history of skiing on Mount Olympus started in the 1930’s, bloomed during the 1990’s and went through it’s the golden decade between 2005 and 2015. Key players were a few passionate Greeks and a bunch of international skiers. The classic descents became popular, as longer and steeper descents are added to this magnificent almanac of terrain and emotions placed between the Aegean Sea and the ever presence of deities.


International Status

Starting from 2007 Mount Olympus has been visited by a number of renowned skiers (including World Extreme Skiing Tour champion Austrian Eva Walker), who skied new lines and confessed the endless possibilities and the severity of the alpine terrain. In 2012, Slovenian Davo Karnicar payed a visit to the Gods, only to be surprised by its massiveness and steepness of the north side. From that point on, its establishment as an international destination, brought even more international skiers and hosted the Dynafit Dealer Camps in the spring of 2014.


The fact that Mount Olympus is free from glaciers reduces objective hazards but bad weather, excessive snow accumulation and rapid temperature changes often result in unstable snowpack and big avalanches. The maritime setting of the Olympus due to its close (18km) proximity to the Aegean Sea, results in fast snowpack stabilization during spring season. The scenery is remote and wild along the north face. Big couloirs and deep valleys offer unique descends even late in the season. The snowpack remains on the mountain until late May when a nice ski day can be combined with a nice evening by the sea.


Gods and Mortals

A century after mortals set foot on Mount Olympus highest peaks, the Gods’ are ready to let you ski the gentle slopes or steepest couloirs in the years to come. You may be lucky and enjoy skiing during those days when the snow, the sky, the sea and you, will be part of an ecstasy suspended in the air for thousands of years.

The price includes:

  • Trip Organization & implementation by WayOut Adventures.
  • All necessary travels from Athens.
  • Overnight stay in traditional hostels and mountain shelters
  • Greek Mountain Guiding
  • Meals and drinks ARE NOT included in the price


Activities include: 

  • Insurance coverage (upon request) 
  • Equipment:  mountaineering ski, boots, batons, skins, ARVA, (upon request with an additional fee)


  • Mountaineering backpack 45-50L
  • Mountaineering Piole
  • Crab
  • mountaineering ski, boots, batons, skins, helmet, baudrier (harness), carabiner, belts
  • Sleeping bag (optional)
  • Thermos, headlamp, sunglasses, ski mask, GPS, lighter, pocketknife
  • Personal pharmacy kit
  • Waterproof jacket and pants 
  • Gloves, Beany, Socks (2 pairs)
  • Fleece apparel
  • Thermal underwear
  • Sunblock
  • Various personal belongings


Ski level : Advanced 
Previous ski touring experience: Required
Minimun number of participants: 5 persons