Mountain Backcountry Seminars

Backcountry Seminars 01 JAN - 30 APR HELMOS, KALAVRITA SKI RESORT

Ski Touring & Split-boarding Techniques, Uphill & Downhill Techniques, Avalanche Safety

Backcountry Seminars is an advanced training program, certified by the Freeride World Tour Academy, that takes place in the mountains of Greece. It focus in skiing touring and split-boarding as well as snow safety.

Ski Touring & Split-boarding ...

In recent years, more and more ski enthusiasts have discovered the magic of mountaineering and split-boarding. It is the ultimate activity for searching the unique sense of freedom while skiing slopes of fresh snow. 

However, this new skiing trend, away from ski resorts piste, must be flanked by proper education and information aimed at the cultivation of skiing and mountaineering education.

The participants can join the seminars with a 15% discount in case they have already participated into a previous seminar.

The educational program is led by Yiannis Kotileas and Alex Panayakos, professionals in the field of freeriding, with long experience and strong scientific background.


Welcome to the world of Backcountry Ski & Split-boarding!

A series of 2-day Backcounty Ski and Split-board seminars which will take place on the slopes of Helmos.

This mountain is the ideal location for the educational processes that will be followed. Participants will have the opportunity to visit different sides of the mountain within 2 days, completing in each of them a different subject of training without having to make long trips.
 "FWT Academy Backcountry Seminars" focus on improving the technical training of participants in areas such as:

Training and practice in Backcountry Ski and Splitboard techniques.

  •     Familiarization and use of  equipment
  •     Climbing techniques
  •     Free riding and field safety /route planning

Preventive and Avalanche Risk Management Procedures

  •     Scope and influences on snow (lee features - cornices)
  •     Identification of hazardous areas
  •     Calibration of risk
  •     Demonstration and use of Search & Rescue equipment
  •     Search and Rescue (SR Management)

Skiing special conditions and integration in off-piste techniques

  •     Field check (Terrain)
  •     Fresh snow
  •     Tree-side area
  •     Slope conditions
  •     Frozen terrain
  •     Difficult snow (wet, crustaceans, crumbs)

Academic Lecture (to be held in the afternoon hours in location that will be shortly defined)

  •     Avalanches 
  •     Behavior and route planning in a snowy field
  •     Types & conditions for avalanche shaping
  •     Weather observation
  •     Weather - environmental impact on the field
  •     3x3 Method
  •     Landscape and Natural Surface (Photo / map analysis)

Supplementary themes

  •     General and specific hazards in mountain - snow (prevention and treatment)
  •     Basic orientation
  •     Information, familiarization and understanding of equipment issues

The daily schedule is determined by current weather conditions and is announced durind the seminar.

Friday 28/1/2022 - 18:00 Kalavrita downtown

Saturday 29/01/2022 - 8:30 Kalavrita Ski Resort & 16:00 Afternoon academic session

Sunday 30/01/2022 - 8:30 Kalavrita Ski Resort & 16:00 End of Seminar

The cost is set at 250 euros and includes the following:

  •     Avalanche search and rescue equipment (transceiver, shovel, rod)
  •     Trainers fees
  •     Organization and implementation by WayOut Adventures
  •     VAT 24%

Participants will have to take care of their transportation as well as their meals.

In addition, there will be the possibility of renting specialized equipment (mountaineering ski & split-boards and skins) at special prices.

Participants should have the following:

  •      Mountaineering backpack 30-40L
  •      Ski Helmet
  •      Mountaineering ski & split-boards, Boots, Skins, Baton
  •      transceiver, shovel, victim finder
  •      Flask, Head Lamp, Sunglasses, Mask,
  •      Personal Pharmacy
  •      Waterproof Jacket and Trousers
  •      Gloves, Slim, Socks (2 pairs)
  •      Fleece Clothes or Vestas
  •      Underwear suitable for cold weather
  •      Sunscreen Cream
  •      Other personal items


All skiers should be able to control off-piste downhill and have good physical and physical condition.

Your slot reservation is made by depositing 50% of the total price either through our online platform or the following bank account:

Piraeus Bank


No. Account: 6409-128567-167

IBAN: GR64017 1409000 6409 128567 167

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ENTRY FEES € 250,00 /per person