Dealing with the mountains is a powerful and noble passion which defines our lifestyle, has been the motive behind our most thrilling journeys and ultimately drive us towards the accomplishment of our biggest challenges.

It is this passion that we wish to share with you and through this process open up new horizons for your avocation with mountain activities.


Ski & SnowBoard Camps

Let us guide you through marvelous skiing experiences

These educational skiing and snowboarding programs help participants develop the skills and expertise that will allow them to familiarize and cope with various mountain conditions (i.e. incline, snow quality) with safety and eventually permit them to go off-piste.

  • We guide you through the unique freeride routes of our country’s ski resorts.
  • We train you on contemporary touring ski and splitboarding techniques.  
  • We inform you on fundamental skiing & snowboarding safety issues. 
  • We provide you with Avalanche Transceiver (ARVA) training.

Freeride Contest Gr Mt Parnassos


The Freride World Qualifier 2020 is one of the biggest events worldwide with 80 races and over 2000 riders competing for a single prize - the 'ticket' to FWT 2021 .


For the first time ever the FWQ will be heading to Greece for the Freeride Contest Greece 2* at Mt Parnnassos on 13th -15th March.

Among demanding vertical rides and cliffs drops, athletes will enjoy a fascinating ride with a sea view.

This one is not to be missed! 


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Mountain Tours

An ideal motive for escaping urban surroundings and engaging with nature

WAYOYT ADVENTURES experienced mountain guides direct you and your loved ones through enchanting trails of unequaled beauty and historic significance. Furthermore, our guides will share with you their knowledge of the location turning these expeditions into educational experiences. 

  • Hiking and Mountaineering expeditions.
  • Snowshoeing tours.
  • Touring ski and splitboarding expeditions on breathtaking Greek mountains, such as Mt. Olympus, Lefka Ori, Mt. Tymfi, Vardousia, and many more.

Travel Abroad

Discover your way out to the world’s mountains

We organize exclusive educational mountaineering expeditions to the worlds most renowned and unique ski resorts and mountains.

''.... It is neither pride nor an “acrobatic” temperament that drive us. It is the challenges of an unexplored mountain that drive us and allow us to evaluate the nature of barriers ahead and ultimately measure our own resilience....''