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Free Seminar of the Basic Principles of Lifeguard and First Aid

Free Seminar of the Basic Principles of Lifeguard and First Aid

In recent years, there is a growing interest of swimmers towards swimming in the open sea and the magical sensation this provides. People are attracted to the unique sense of freedom that swimming in an endless blue sea offers and the ultimate merging with the natural environment that is achieved through this particular activity.


However, proper training aimed at the cultivation of swimming and athletic education must follow this new swimming trend that is deviating from the established lines of swimming pools.


WayOut Adventures aiming to educate and inform the public, organized a free of charge training seminar on the basic principles of lifeguard and First Aid at the Alimos Municipal Swimming Pool on Sunday, January 28, 2018. The seminar attracted more than 35 athletes, along with swimmers and open sea racing triathletes.


Wayout Adventures will be the head of the training program being the organizer of Greece's largest international swimming competition, Oceanman Greece. LifeguardHellas, which is a certified lifeguard at the ILSF, and its members have served as security officials in international competitions such as Ironman Turkey, as well as in many offshore and triathlon races in Greece, was in charge of implementing the program.


For all of us at WayOutAdventures, safety and education regarding swimming is the most important element for yet another successful Oceanman Greece event. Stay tuned for more seminars.