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Adventure Film Festival Greece

Adventure Film Festival Greece

Adventure Film Festival Greece achieved its goal and it’s here to stay!!!

People of different interests (climbers, kayakers, cyclists, skiers, mountain runners, surfers and many others) all came together, through a common love. Through this event, they get to know one another, discuss, talk, exchange ideas, opinions, agree, disagree, and through it all mobilize and expand the Adventure Sports community in Greece.

After five consecutive years of screenings, Adventure Film Festival Greece has now established itself as the world's largest cinematic festival in this field, propelling us to continue trying for what we love.

A few details, regarding Adventure Film Festival Greece (2014-2018):

- In addition to the organizing company (Wayout Adventures), more than 30 volunteers, photographers, designers, producers/ cinematographers work each year, each serving their respective position.

-The annual attendance during the Festival exceeds 1,700 people, in an unprecedented number of visitors.

- To date, more than 100 films of various origins have been screened, most of them for the first time in Greece.

- There are about 6 talks/presentations on topics of great interest from people distinguished in their field in each event.

-We have received the support of over 120 Companies, contributing as sponsors, and supporters.

- 50 prizes worth more than 5.000 Euro were awarded.

- All the proceeds from the sale of photographs of our photographic exhibition were given to "Xarise Zoi" (KEDMOP).

 An event that was a secret craving for all the adventure people in Greece is now being implemented, and everyone needs to know that this was only the beginning.

Thank you ALL for your participation, support and presence.

You showed us that all our efforts were worth it, and you gave us courage to continue.


For the Adventure Film Festival Greece,

George Klaoudatos

Yannis Kotileas

Konstantinos Konstantinidis

Armandos Linardos

Angelos Tsaousis

Elina Mizithra

Dionisis Panourgias