The Freeride World Tour world championship wrapped up its season with a powerful event, that’s here to stay! The Freeride Contest Gr powered by Audi Gratsias took place on the mountain of Parnassos on Friday 13/03, shortly before the world came to a halt because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The organizing committee having a high sense of social responsibility and recognizing the severity of the situation, prioritized the health and safety of all participants. It focused on the athletic side of the event and on supporting the athletes to achieve their goals by limiting the social and recreational activities that had been planned.

It all started at the beginning of last week when a group of friends, coworkers and volunteers - skiers, photographers, filmmakers - led by WayOut Adventures defied a number of objective difficulties presented at an altitude of 1800-2000m, namely the wind, cold and others and managed to achieve a flawless event.

Thursday, March 12: We welcome the race judges and the judging meeting begins. Esteban Benrei, as Head Judge & FWT Advisor, delivers a seminar regarding the global standards applicable to the evaluation of athletes to acclaimed Greek judges Sofia Gritsi, Stefanos Tsimikalis, Socrates Bournovas, Gerasimos Avramidis and Markos Chatzikiriakis, who we were grateful to have along for the event.

Following is a quick Athletes Briefing by Race Director Yiannis Kotileas and Head of Security Kostis Papadakakis as well as the draw of the numbers that each athlete will race with.

Friday, March 13th: Τhe day of the race has finally arrived! Starting with a hearty breakfast from Kelloggs Crunchy Muesli, athletes and event organizers arrive at the Parnassus Ski Resort which is flooded with sounds, music and colors from the Freeride Contest Gr powered by Audi Gratsias. Everyone is in their post! Sol beers have been placed in the snow to remain frozen, BestBoards team is ready to accept skis and boards for service, Armada offers a wide range of skis available to the public for ski tests, binoculars from the Thessaloniki planetarium for the judges and spectators, to enjoy the spectacular breath-taking event up close and personal. Finally, almora PLUS is there, throughout the day, providing hydration to athletes and enhancing their performance.

The weather conditions are ideal and athletes climb to the top of Trypios Vrachos, enjoying the splendor of the Greek mountains, overlooking the Roumeli mountains on the side and the imposing Olympus in front of them. The countdown begins as the athletes, one by one, do their best for a spectacular Freeride Contest to take place.

Demanding, steep vertical slopes, striking drops, unique flow and speed provide an unprecedented sight for Greek standards. The best stand out from the start on and the results don’t take long before they’re announced.

In a minimalistic but highly festive awards ceremony, the grand winners of each category were announced, rose to the podium and won unique awards and prizes from Armada, Black Crows, Micro Extreme and Best Boards.

Ski Men:

1ηplace: Maj Stirn

2η place: Thomas Steiner

3η place: Dmitrii Udodov

Ski Women:

1ηplace: Daniela Sax

2η place: Andriana Beldekou

3η place: Christina Giannakopoulou

Snowboard Men:

1ηplace: Alexandros Panagakos

2η place: Patrick Gremminger

3η place: Yannis Panagakos

Snowboard Women:

Single place: Iro Gavala (single participant)

Ski Men – Junior:

1ηplace: Nikolas Ioannou (U-16)

2η place: Nikias Azas (U-16)

3η place: Orestis Azas (U-18)

As the organizing party we are proud to have successfully completed the events we have planned and feel very responsible, as ambassadors of the World Championship, to make the Freeride World Tour an institution in our country as well. The enthusiasm, the excitement, the smiles and heartfelt thanks we received from both foreign and Greek athletes as well as the public and supporters, are the greatest reward for us!

The days following the event find us all at home, where we plan our future steps. For those who weren’t able to enjoy the spectacular rides of the athletes as well as for those who reminisce the sunny days on the mountain, we will make a series of thematic videos (Competition Broadcast, Highlights, Freeride Contest Gr Mini Doc) as a reminder of the beautiful moments we lived and a dream of the best that is to come.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Tuned





FWRQualifier2020vFINALE from WayOut Adventures on Vimeo.