Thessaloniki Adventure Film Festival 2015

Thessaloniki Adventure Film Festival 2015

Thessaloniki Adventure Film Festival (TAFF). The Greek film festival dedicated to adventure activities after a successful event in Athens in November 2014, became reality in Thessaloniki.

In the afternoon Tuesday, March 24, 2015, the turnout in OLYMPION impressive theater was spectacular.

City of Salonica, known for the cinematic culture that develops over many years, was waiting for us in a warm and dedicated environment, ready to accept a new cinema institution.

 The world of sports, adventure, nature, gave an appointment at 5.00 in the afternoon, ready to enjoy screenings of films that literally '' cut ''our breath, and speeches inspired by nature.

 People of different adventure areas (mountaineers, climbers, kayakers, cyclists, skiers, mountain runners, windsurfers and many others) were there all along, met, discussed and exchanged views of seeing things.

We were particularly pleased by the turnout, a public which is not known to us, nor we to it. Solidarity, and faith in our common vision, we are confident that it will contribute to the development of the Adventure Film Festival as one of the main film institutions of our country.

Details for TAFF 2015:

 - Apart from the people of the organizing company Wayout Adventures, a total of 15 volunteers, Photographers, Designers, Filmmakers worked for TAFF.

- The attendance during the presentation was over 600 people, a number of unique visitors.

- A total of 11 films of different origins and activities together were shown.

- Two speeches / presentations with very interesting topics, from prominent people in the sports field (Pavlos Tsiantos / Thanassis Baxevanis).

-A total help from more than 20 partners, contributing as sponsors, media partners as well as supporters.

 Thank you for your dynamic presence, and your active participation.

 We work tirelessly to provide you with the best possible from the ever-growing field of Sports Adventure (Adventure Sports).





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