Yiannis Kotileas, Travel footprints by WayOut Adventures

Yiannis Kotileas, Travel footprints by WayOut Adventures

1. Tell us a few things about you to get to know you better: your name, age and what you do professionally  

Yiannis Kotileas, age 31, father of 2 children.Sports Tourism Professional, co-founder and general manager of WayOut Adventures and Mani WaterSports, organizer of Adventure Film Festival Greece.  

2. What is the place you love most to visit and how often do you go there(and two comments - why)?

Limeni in Laconia, a picturesque seaside village in the heart of Mani, which seems to have come out of a fairy tale. That's where I manage the Mani Water Sports Marine Center and I spend most of the time with my family. 


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1.  Describe yourself with 3 (or fewer) words                

Patience, Dynamism, Emotion  

2. What makes you get out of bed every day?            

My daughter. She sticks her face to mine and tells me ... “Are we up daddy?”


All images © by Giannis Kotileas.

1.  Through your love for your work and travel with WayOutAdventures, what is the image that has left an imprint on your mind?

The photo taken by my friend Pelagia Karanikola in the recent WOA surfcamp in Africa. Outside the elementary school of Senegal there is a writing on the wall that says: "The future is in your hands and the only way to discover it is to travel.”


All images © by Giannis Kotileas.

6.  Last year, you visited Japan. What makes this country special and why does it stand out?

The human element and the natural environment. Both strong contradictions and humility, respect, but also culture (with the full meaning of the word) that distinguishes the Japanese, make this country a unique global destination. 


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7. What is your favorite landscape or picture there?

Tokyo from above. The image you face by going up to one of the skyscrapers in Tokyo, such as the City Hall, is shocking. The power, greatness and the danger of human intervention accompany this unique picture


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8.  Which place to eat, local recipe or product and what makes it so special?

The Japanese Noodlesoup. Every gastronomic feeling overlooks the thought that such a large population can be  fed on such a tasteless dish for their whole life

9. What's the favorite habit of the locals that you like?

The greeting of the Japanese (inclination) hides an anthropocentric greatness, the lack of which will lead us to destruction. It is nothing more than what we can easily call RESPECT

10.  If you want to get away from Japan's everyday routine, what would you do?

A walk in the gardens of Tokyo. Just a few meters away from the busiest streets, where noise and tension dominate you, you can find a few moments of peace between cherry trees and rare flowers. It is closest to the reset button, among millions of electronic devices in the city of technology.


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11. We are only for 48 hours in Japan and in the village of Hakuba, what should we definitely see or do?

I would advise you to get on the shuttle bus to the Cortina Ski Center as soon as possible. My answer is subjective, but I have experienced some of the most "free" moments in recent years.


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12. Your favorite habit in your everyday life?

To take off my shoes as soon as I get home. Another notable habit of the Japanese.  

13.  What is the next destination you would like to go to?

I like traveling to places where the presence of nature, the prospect of exploration and the dynamics of the challenge are intense. Next personal travel destination, a mountaineering ski trip to Patagonia.


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14.  In recent years you have devoted yourself to the Adventure Film Festival. Tell us two words about this wonderful feast. What is the idea behind its organization, future thoughts and goals.

The idea of a film festival devoted to athletic adventure activities has been in my mind since my graduation, at ThompsonRiversUniversity of Canada. Coming back to Greece in 2013, I found George Claudatos and Konstantinos Konstantinidis with whom we shared the same ideas and we founded WayOutAdventures, along with our friend and Filmmaker Christos Tsoutsia. As expected, through such a strong group, this came to life. Thus, in 2018, after 6 successful events in Athens and Thessaloniki, over 8,000 visitors, screenings of 87 films, 26 speeches and 16 photo exhibitions, we are pleased to celebrate the 5th anniversary of AFF in 3-4 / 11/18 in a new venue, Pierce Theater, of AmericanCollegeofGreece, and a revamped composition. Our goal is not to make history but to offer a change to the everyday life of all of us and a positive influence that we all need so much.



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15.  The Words You need to walk In Life:

In the effort to make my dreams come true and my reality a dream, I always try to go with Art, Luck, Boldness, Kindness, Love and Respect.


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16. What kind of music do you listen to at this time? Send us your 10 favorite songs and what title you would put on it (as a list) if it was feeling.

I love whatever lasts in time. The same goes for music. In times of intense urban pressure, I resort to music. Having to list 10 of y favourite songs I would choose:  

High Hopes – Pink Floyd

Further On Up The Road – Johnny Cash

Fisherman’s blues – The Waterboys

This Land Is Your Land – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

More – Sisters of Mercy

Old Man – Neil Young

Papa Was a Rolling Stone – Temptations

The Time Is Now - Moloko

They Don’t Want Music - The Black Eyed Peas

Cocaine – Eric Clapton