Oceanman Greece - Oitylo Bay 2018

Oceanman Greece - Oitylo Bay 2018

More than 700 swimmers experienced unique moments at magical Limeni. They had the opportunity to take part in the top international open water race organized by WayOut Adventures on June 30th.

Amateur and professional swimmers from 33 countries did their best in the turquoise waters of the bay. Surrounded by the traditional tower houses of the area, the elite athletes impressed with their times in all three distances (2-5-10km) while the amateurs fought to distinguish themselves in their age category and also top their personal records.

The races began on Saturday with the 3x500m relay, in which 34 teams participated, 102 athletes in total. The winning team of men (Dimitris Stamatiou-Panagiotis Dimopoulos and Grigoris Souvatzoglou) finished at 18’:18”. In the women's group, Lai Kwan, Alana Zaharah, Chui Kaharudin from Malaysia won at 23’:18”, while the mixed group of men and women was won by Katie-Lorenzo- Kapellos from Great Britain at 19’:33”.

A special note in the races was given by the children of the athletes who "flooded" Limenas with several of them to testing their abilities in the Oceankid race.

On Sunday, July 1, hundreds of athletes fought under exceptional weather conditions, offering strong thrills to those watching the races.

In an unforgettable event, swimmers aged 12 to 67 did their best and departed from the traditional village filled with beautiful images and lively memories, renewing their appointment for the following year.

On the racing part, at the "short" distance of 2km participated a total of 260 athletes. The best performance regardless of the age category was scored by Spyros Arniakos, covering the distance in 32’:41”. In women, Russia's Evgeniya Polonskaya won the first place overall with a time of 34’:59”.

At the distance of 5km (half oceanman), the old swimming champion Vassilis Demettis stood out for men at 1:08:53. The woman who first crossed the winning arch was Sammy Girle, with the timer stopping at 1:19:35.

The 10km swimming marathon attracted some of the best long distance athletes both from Greece and abroad who had the opportunity to achieve exceptional performance taking advantage of the ideal conditions offered by the Limeni bay.

Oceanman Greece 2018 from the category of elite athletes as well as in the overall category was Dimitris Markos with 2:17:38. Women's overall winner was Russian Kristina Kochetkova with a time of 2:27:34, while Katerina Gioni won in the elite category with 2:27:44.

After the races, the swimmers had the opportunity to enjoy the sweet and savory delicacies offered by the organizers as well as to cool down, with the Natural Mineral Water "Vikos" which guarantees the ideal function of the body during sport and rehabilitation, as well as Natural Mineral Refreshments "Vikos" that were offered throughout the event.

The videos and the hundreds of photos uploaded on social media by swimmers, their friends, local residents and, of course, the organizers, advertised the beauties of Mani in every corner of the world.

The athletes, except for the races, had the opportunity to try the BIC SUP all weekend exploring all the sides of the picturesque Limeni bay, spending relaxed moments with their friends and their families in the lovely taverns of the village, admiring the sights of the area but also filling their luggage with gifts from the sponsors who supported the event.

On the other hand, the locals of Mani embraced the games from the very first moment, adding their own touch so that the event would make a lasting, excellent impression to everyone who attended.

The race at Oitylo was also the "passport" for the final of the Oceanman 2018 series, which is to be held on November 16th in Dubai. In this 10km distance race, people who made the top ten by age category, may take take part and compete with top swimmers from around the world.

Oceanman Greece 2018, organized by WayOut Adventures with the help of the Mani Areopoli sports and tourism development club and Mani Water Sports, has already begun preparations for the next year's race, aiming at an even more spectacular event.

Particular mention should be made to the volunteers, sponsors, supporters and communication sponsors of the event, the Peloponnese Region, the Municipality of East Mani and the Greek National Tourism Organization. Our lifeguards, always ready to deploy throughout the race, used BIC® equipment.

The event was delighted to be sponsored by leading companies such as Vikos SA and BIC®.

Supporters of the event were GU, SWIM SECURE, Trusty Tourism Services, LIFEGUARD HELLAS served as a Tourist Legal advice, Macedonian Halva and Henry Dunant Clinic, Mani Traveler and Cosmote TV was a communications sponsor.

We renew our appointment at the top open water race for next summer. Until then workout as best you can!