Oceanman Greece - Oitylo Bay 2017

Oceanman Greece - Oitylo Bay 2017


Oceanman Greece - Oitylo Bay 2017

The First Open Water Race Oceanman Greece - Oitylo Bay 2017 took place on Sunday, July 2. More than 270 athletes, men and women of all ages, dug into the blue waters of the Messinian Gulf and claimed a place on the podium αnd the title of Oceanman and Oceanwoman.

The Organization of Sports and Touristic Development of Mani, Mani Water Sports and WayOut Adventures, the three companies that hosted the event, offered both participants and viewers a well-organized event, where everyone enjoyed the most. A crowd of people embraced the international swim festival where its purpose was to show the fastest swimmers by distance, giving them the coveted ticket for the big final of the championship to be held this October in Spain.

The event managed to attract global interest, as swimmers from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain, Germany, Turkey, USA, UK, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and of course Greece honored with their presence the event and became the first participants in a sporting event that came to stay.

Athletes had the choice to fight at three distances:

2.5Km Popular Distance
5.0Km Half Oceanman
7.5Km Oceanman

More than 130 people on the Popular Distance, 77 on Half Oceanman and 69 on Oceanman dug in the Bay of Oitylo, starting and ending in Limeni village, crossed the coastline and, after they swam a triangular course of 2.5 kilometers, ended with an enthusiastic celebrating while the volunteers of the event offered them the medals of participation and fruits and water to the swimmers.

Active and support of the local and non-local community, as the struggle was under the auspices of the Municipality of East Mani, the Hellenic Olympic Federation (KOE) and the Ministry of Tourism and the Peloponnisos SA.

The organizing companies thank all those who helped to make this vision a reality, the volunteers who, with their inexhaustible and positive energies, constantly inspired the athletes, the businessmen and the simple people of the region for their constantly support and of course all the public institutions who helped with the successful Oceanman Greece as well as the Henry Dynan Medical Center, Lifeguard Hellas and the Petra kai Fos Hotel for their support.

Yours sincerely

For Oceanman Greece

Yannis Kotileas & Armandos Linardos