Backcountry Seminars Vol I 10-12/03/17

Backcountry Seminars Vol I 10-12/03/17

Athens. It is 6 o’ clock in the afternoon. Another difficult day at the office is finally coming to an end. You get into the car and start for the daily route: office-home. Stuck in traffic, you gaze towards an unknown direction, somewhere far away and for a moment you let yourself travel to distant places.

You dream of changing this boring path of your daily routine and head away from Athens, towards the mountain villages of Evritania.

It is already nighttime, when you arrive at a beautiful traditional guesthouse, hidden in a small village, somewhere near Karpenissi. The wooden sign that hangs in front of the house reads "Gonia guesthouse".

And indeed, opening the door you see everybody sitting in a corner next to the fireplace. You do not recognize the faces of the people you see, but instinctively you know that you have a lot in common with them and that you’ll have a good time in each other’s company. And all of a sudden, all the exhaustion and anxiety of your everyday life dissipates as if by magic. You smile, feeling calm and join them.

The dream goes on and you find yourself with the rest of the team in a snowy forest. It’s weird. Everyone is in their ski boots and along with you, walk among fir trees as it snows lightly. It is an enchanting landscape.

Upon a second look, you realize, to your amazement, that everyone is now in skis that magically allow you to climb the snowy forest road.

Time has lost its meaning in this wonderful place that looks as if it is from a fairy tale.

“It can’t be, I must be dreaming” you think to yourself, as the route you follow takes you to a small mountain shelter at the base of a large snowy mountain. This shelter will form the basis for this beautiful group for the next couple of days. Together you will ski on the snowy slopes, gathering valuable experiences, and then in the evenings, having enjoyed delicious food, you will gather around the fireplace sharing stories from mountains, past trips and unforgettable moments.

The days will go by fast, as fast as a dream goes by, and again you will find yourself in the same routine going from home to work and back again. It's daytime now and you’re stuck in traffic again, only to realize, to your disappointment, that the dream is over. But wait one moment! ... It was not a dream! It was all real!

The company of people, the fireplace, the mountain and everything!

No, it was not a dream! You are just lucky enough to live in Greece with its magnificent nature and mountains.

Growing up in this wonderful country, you chose to learn to ski and get to know other unique activities of the Greek countryside, until one day our paths crossed.

WayOut Adventures team. A bunch of friends who love the same things you do.

They love the knowledge and want to pass it on.

They love nature and want to be close to it.

They love trips from which they acquire new experiences from.

They love beautiful moments and want to share them.

But most of all, they love good company. Therefore, they decided to create the ideal conditions for this company to come together often.

Sometimes in small, cosy and above all hospitable shelters in scenic mountains and othertimes in idyllic fishing villages next to the sea.

No, it was not a dream, you just live your life the way it deserves to be lived.

Ares, Manolis, Tryfonas, Fotis, Katerina, Dimitris, Thomas, Karolos, Rigas, Loukas and Spyros, we feel fortunate to have shared these moments with you and thank you for the trust you’ve shown us.

Also, Fotis, thank you very much for the wonderful photos, so we can all have a souvenir from this memorable experience.

P.S. Never forget: The best is yet to come.

Best regards.

Ioannis Kotileas

General Manager WayOut Adventures