About Us

About Us

Our offer in the field of outdoor activities is the result of many years of experience and strong reflection on them.


Our team envisions peoples’ bonding with nature through their avocation with outdoor activities

  • Environment & Ecology 

    With respect to our country’s exceptional natural heritage we develop activities that aim at raising participants’ environmental awareness. 

  • History & Culture

    We strive to communicate our country’s historical and cultural traditions, by reflecting our ancestors’ principal values in everything that we do.
  • Inspiration & Motivation

    We set a high bar for both ourselves and the people entrusting us with their dreams, turning dreams into reality and reality into an infinite dream.

  • Athletics’ Societal & Spiritual Values 

    We design unique activities focusing on bringing people together, enhancing interplay and teamwork and eliciting joy, kindness and sportsmanship.

  • Discovery, Challenge & Adventure

    We do our outmost to metamorphose peoples’ ambitions into challenges and their need for discovery into an adventurous journey, substantiating every step of the way.

  • Training & Education

    We provide the expertise and convey the respect that our much loved outdoor activities demand, in order for people to experience them in a secure and blissful manner.

Our goal is to promote the many benefits deriving from peoples’ engagement with nature via athletic training and leisure, showcase Greece’s potential as a four-season athletic and leisure destination and ultimately guide people to reaching their own “peak”.

  1. Design, develop and provide our customers with year-round holistic travel experiences, both in Greece and abroad.

  2. Incorporate Adventure Sports into Greece’s touristic agenda, highlighting their variety and significance.            

  3. Encourage Greek Youths to participate in athletics and take up outdoor activities.

  4. Promote Greece’s unique landscape to the globe as an alternative touristic destination. 

  5. Outline our nation’s chart of outdoor adventure-activities destinations.

  6. Define new nationwide quality standards for the organization and implementation of outdoor athletic activities.

  7. Create an educational department with a goal to mobilize, sensitize and manage volunteering in Greece.

The Team