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WAYOUT ADVENTURES is a provider of tourist, sports and educational  services consulting.

Founded by people with a profound scientific and business background, devoted to the art of outdoor activities and with huge experience in the fields  of education, sports  and tourism.
Acknowledging Greece as a natural activities park as well  as a destination of unparalleled beauty, history and culture,  urged us to share with both  incoming and domestic visitors what  experience through adventure activities in the Greek countryside on a daily basis. 
Our love for sport, and the recognition of Greece as a natural park for activities and as a destination of incomparable beauty, history and culture, urged us to share with the local and inbound visitors, what we experience every day through adventure activities in the countryside.
Our activity covers  five major fields:
  • Travel Agency  services  and inclusive travel packages.
  • Organization and execution  of outdoor winter / summer activities (individual, group and corporate programs). 
  • Sports training.
  • Consulting services in the field of sports and tourism.
  • Organization and execution of sport and cultural events.

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Environment & Ecology
With respect to the unique natural heritage of our country, we implement our actions with intention to increase the environmental awareness of the participants.